Capricorn Man In Love And What To Expect?

When you get involved with a Capricorn in a romantic affair, remember that a pure love is not enough for them. What they really look for is a relationship that is built to last – the foundation to raise a home or family. Overall, people born under this zodiac sign take love very seriously.

Before learning more about Capricorn man in love, let’s take a look at Capricorn sign traits informed by Catholic Multicultural Center – Religion and Spirituality.

As the tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) is symbolized by the Goat. This zodiac sign has some positive qualities like steadiness, determination, patience, persistence, reliability, prudence, discipline and responsibility. But, on the dark side, Capricorn is also seen as a greedy, pessimistic, cynical and fearful sign.

Symbol – The Goat
Ruling planet – Saturn
Element – Earth
Quality – Cardinal

Individuals belonging to Capricorn are very mature, serious, down-to-earth and practical persons. In different areas of life, they are ambitious, patient, opportunity-seeking and determined. When it comes to love, however, Capricorns are those very hard to understanding or decipher.

Overview of Capricorn Man in Love

Type of Woman Capricorn Man Loves

According to Catholic Multicultural Center – Religion and Spirituality, women find it hard to distinguish a male Capricorn in love as he is extremely collected and composed. He is, compared to other men, the most mysterious being.

He is the loner that allows only few people to step inside his inner circle. With a shy, suspicious nature, his approach towards love is very detached and wary. Even if he is in a relationship, he still shows a cool exterior – this usually confuses his partner. Capricorn man never falls in love easily as he doesn’t really trust people. If you want to win over his heart, then prove your sincerity and trustworthiness.

Once you are able to gain his trust, you will have a loyal, supportive and dependable lover. Nevertheless, he is not the type that can showcase sentiments and emotions well. The relationship with Capricorn only improves with age because he needs time to feel more secure. As time goes by, he will be willing to open his heart and share his deepest feelings to you.

Never think of breaking the trust with a Capricorn. Unlike Cancer or Pisces who will forgive you, this guy doesn’t think about giving you a second chance. In fact, he will move on and certainly not look back.

Type of Woman Capricorn Man Loves

Since the male Capricorn expects a solid, long-lasting relationship, he tends to spend quite a long time choosing his potential mate. Security is the key to start any relationship with this person. Also, he only makes commitment once determining his current relationship is totally serious. In love, the woman sharing the similar attitude and approach as him will draw his attention.

He doesn’t look for a pretty face. Instead, he wants his partner to have a distinct personality. As a relationship, to him, is a long-term investment, a woman who is devoted and dedicated to her partner may be the one he will go for. Catholic Multicultural Center – Religion and Spirituality claims that Capricorn man usually commits to women who can become good wives and good mothers.

When it comes to Capricorn love compatibility, this man will form the best match with women of Taurus, Pisces and Capricorn zodiac signs.